Project coordination

Sabine Hahn, PhD
Project manager

Christoph Golz
Project coordinator

Xenia Schmid

Steering Committee

Karin Peter, PhD
Site-project manager BFH

Andrea Kobleder, PhD
Site-project manager OST

Annie Oulevey Bachmann, PhD
Site-project manager HES-SO

Tiziana Sala Defilippis, PhD
Site-project manager SUPSI

René Schaffert
Site-project manager ZHAW

International Scientific Committee

Andreas Xyrichis, PhD
King's College London

Ann Gallagher, PhD
University of Surrey

Anne Marie Rafferty, PhD
King’s College London

Jill Maben, PhD
University of Surrey

Mélanie Lavoie-Tremblay, PhD
University Mc Gill

René Schwendimann, PhD
University of Basel, Institute of Nursing Science

Sally Thorne, PhD
The University of British Columbia

Ursula Walkenhorst, PhD
University of Osnabrück