Call for abstracts

Call for Abstracts 1st International Conference – «Countering Staff Shortage Among Health Professions – Together for a Healthy Health Care System», on the 25th and 26th of October, 2018

We would be pleased if you could submit your contribution from research or practice on countering workforce shortage.

Download CfA 2018

Please submit your abstract according to the following link, until the 22nd of April, 2018.

To submit an abstract, please first create an account. After registering for an account, you will be able to submit and manage your abstracts. You can also use this account to register for the conference.

Submission criteria

Abstracts can be submitted and presented in English, German or French. The chosen language of the abstract corresponds to the presentation language of the contribution. All slides (PPT) must be written in English.

  1. Oral presentation: duration: 25 minutes and 5 minutes discussion
  2. Workshop: 1 ½ hours (Please note that only a very limited number of workshops can be accepted.)
  3. Poster presentation: lead, 3-5 minutes



Type: Oral presentation, workshop, poster presentation.

Identification: Name and first name of the author(s), workplace, academic title or other job titles as well as other institutions (name of the person presenting shall be specified in the registration).

Contact address: Presenters’ name and address of the institution as well as country, phone and e-mail address.

Length: Limited to max. 500 words. Longer abstracts are not accepted.

Reviewing and anonymization: The abstract is assessed anonymously by the Scientific Advisory Board. Therefore, it is important that the abstract does not mention names of people or institutions that indicate the authorship.

Following, the structure per style is defined

Abstracts for scientific projects Abstracts for projects from practice Workshops
- Title - Title - Title
- Background - Background - Background
- Research question - Problem - Introduction
- Method and material - Aims - Topic
- Results - Procedure - Aims
- Discussion - Results / Experiences - Procedure
- Conclusion - Discussion - Arrangement of the workshop
  - Conclusion - Learning target of the workshop

Table 1: CfA structure