Conference opening - October 25th from 9.00 - 9.15

Master of poetry slam!

Remo Zumstein, poetry-slammer, prosaist, from Burgdorf is an excellent spoken-word-artist in Bernese German, German und English as well as stage performer of the special class. He performs diligently with musicians and word acrobats of all shades. In his current programme, he is accompanied by the wonderful guitarist Michael Kuster a.k.a "D Schnouzfäuer".

His biggest successes so far have included his participation in the final of the 2013 Swiss Championship in Poetry Slam in Bern, his awarding for cultural promotion by the Burgergemeinde Burgdorf in 2013, the title of Vice Siwss Champion at the 2015 Swiss Championship in Poetry Slam in Schiffbau (Zurich), the 2016 Swiss Champion title in individual competition as well as his participation in the semi-finals of the European Poetry Slam Championship in Tartu (EST). Further, he is the reigning Poetry Slam Vice Swiss Champion. 

Remo Zumstein's plays on words and text constructions testify to his stupendous linguistic competence and his great imagination.

At the Conference Gala Dinner - October 25th

The violinist!

Laura Schuler was born 1987 in Switzerland, Langenthal (SUI). Growing up in a musician family (her parents often played renaissance and eastern european folkmusic) started to play the violin with seven years old. After years of studying classical violin and the playing in orchestras she startet to be more interested in jazzmusic at the age of 16. So she decided to study jazzviolin and she graduated 2011 – 2013 with an bachelor in jazz at the College for Arts in Berne (Switzerland). After that she did studies in Denmark, Sweden and Finnland in the Nomazz program (nordic master in jazz). In summer 2014 she got invited to the meeting of IASJ (International Association of Schools of Jazz), directed by David Liebman. The interest of Laura Schulers studies lies in improvisation in a traditional modernjazz context as well as in free improvised music and all the possibilities of combination. - Where does improvisation ends and composition starts? - Also composing is very important for Laura Schuler and through the writing of pieces for her bands she try to find her own language. For that she uses influences of classical music and jazz. Composers and musicians such as Christian Wallumrod, Steve Reich, Bela Bartok, Gil Evans, Bill Frisell, Wayne Shorter, John Coltrane, Jakob Bro, Sidsel Endresen influenced Lauras music significant.

Currently active projects are the Lumir Jazz Stringquartet in Finnland and her own Jazzquintet Kronikor in Sweden. In Switzerland she is active as a Co-leader in the bands Chèvre Chô, Esche and Aberratio Ictus. Laura Schuler is working with musicians such as Ronny Graupe, Soren Norbo, Klas Nevrin, Ari Poutainen, Lotta Pitkänen, Luzius Schuler, Elisabeth Hoppe, Rea Dubach, Valentin von Fischer, Theo Känzig, Lukas Rutzen, Daniel Erismann and with the dancer Rahel Maria Neuenschwander. She also had numerous concerts at Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finnland, South Africa, Belgium and France. The teaching of improvisation is getting more and more important and she already had the opportunity to realize a teaching project with Tönstör Berne.

The lyricist & slam poet!

Alain Wafelmann is a poet with all his heart and his soul.

Born in Berne (SUI) the 3th of July 1971, Alain Wafelmann worked as an civil engineer and mathematician on the field of IT-development, before he changed his way to study german literature, philology and philosophy at the university of Berne, to follow his passion: the written word.

Alain Wafelmann has published two volumes of poems. The third book of poetry by Alain Wafelmann will be released on 2017. He performs his poetry on several international stages during the whole year. In the main the poems of AW are written in german, but he also writes and performs in french (his second mother tongue) and in english. AW is also a poetry slammer on German, Italien, Swiss and Austrian stages.

He also founded the "Alain Wafelmann & Friends"-art format, that brings any number of artists together to perfom their art in conjunction! Mostly there are jazz musicians and poets together, but also painter or dancer joined the format to bring new improvisation forms on stage! There are never fixed programs, every artist brings his own ability to create a unforgotten experience to the audience and to his colleagues.