Strategy to Counter Staff Shortage Among Health Professions

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Under the lead of the Bern University of Applied Sciences, the health sciences faculties of five universities of applied sciences have collected comprehensive data on the shortage of health professions. The assessment provides indications of what is needed to reduce the future rate of withdrawal from the sector and to improve the situation of health professionals: better working conditions, innovative training and continuing education, new models of care and organizational structures.


Switzerland can learn from other countries

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The workforce shortage in the healthcare professions challenges the healthcare systems of many countries. In Switzerland, the Competence Network Health Workforce is meeting the challenges. In 2018, the network initiated the first international conference on the strategy to counter the workforce shortage. Experts discussed the possible causes of high staff turnover and measures to promote job retention in the healthcare system.


Countering together the workforce shortage in the healthcare professions

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The Swiss cooperation project «Strategy to counter staff shortage among health professions» was launched. Five Swiss universities of applied sciences contribute with 17 sub-projects in the Competence Network Health Workforce (CNHW) to provide relevant strategies and measures for practice. On the 25th and 26th of October, 2018, an international conference will take place in Bern to promote the exchange and networking of researches and representatives from practice.