Occupational Careers and Job Retention of Health Professionals

This project is part of a cooperation between the Swiss Universities in Health to establish a competence centre to counter workforce shortage among health professionals. Different sub-projects will develop basic knowledge and measures.

The main objectives of this site-project are the improvement of the data on Swiss health personnel as well as the development of various measures to increase Swiss health personnel retention.

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The following six sub-projects will be conducted:


National graduate survey of health professionals from universities of applied sciences

Three cohorts finishing their studies in a health profession across all universities of applied sciences for health professions, will be surveyed during the last semester and one year after graduation.

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Professional careers – Longitudinal study after career start

Nationwide, nurses entering the profession in the years 2011/2012 have been surveyed. In a follow-up study, they will be surveyed again after 6 years. Additional analyses will be conducted on an integrated dataset with data from the nursing study, and from a similar study with trained health care assistants (FaGe, ASSC, OSS).

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Improvement of job satisfaction among midwives through the implemention of innovative models for midwifery practice care in clinical settings

Upon completion of an inventory of a midwife-led maternity clinic in the canton Zurich, an innovative model of midwifery practice care will be developed in close collaboration with practice partners in one hospital. This model will then be implemented and evaluated.

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Innovative models of integrated collaboration for ambulant care

Based on a regional analysis of services, a literature review and focus group interviews with stakeholders, innovative models for ambulatory care will be developed and discussed in a workshop and then rated in a survey.

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Development of Advanced Practice Models for Physiotherapy in Switzerland

Based upon a literature research and upon findings from interviews with stakeholders and surveyed physiotherapists, Advanced Practice Models with potential for new career opportunities, will be developed.

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Promotion of interprofessional collaboration in practice

Based upon knowledge of the conditions and challenges of interprofessional collaboration, a model for coaching and training of institutions will be developed.

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