Dealing with the shortage of skilled healthcare professionals: positioning, integrating and supporting informal caregivers

This project is part of a cooperation between the Swiss Universities in Health to establish a competence centre to counter workforce shortage among health professionals. Different sub-projects will develop basic knowledge and measures.

The PePA program of the HES-SO University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland aims to provide evidence of current interactions between caregivers, healthcare professionals and other staff, as well as the innovative interprofessional approaches that highlight, integrate and support caregivers within the framework of the healthcare skills gap in Switzerland.

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To achieve this goal, PePA has the following objectives: 

  • To examine and monitor the relationships, collaboration, interfaces and practices between caregivers, health professionals and other staff;
  • To develop and evaluate innovative and efficient interprofessional models of care, suited to the needs of those being assisted, which benefit the partnership with the caregivers, while also looking after their health and adapting themselves to societal, health-related and economic change;
  • To put in place baseline networks with those organisations that collaborate with the caregivers, in order to establish these operations and ensure their continuation.

The PePA project forms part of a wider collaboration with other faculties of the HES-SO, as well as an institutional cooperation with universities in Switzerland and abroad, the universities of applied sciences in the German and Italian speaking regions of Switzerland, healthcare providers, associations (including associations for caregivers and people involved) and other healthcare stakeholders. This project will be developed in direct association with political decisions made relating to health.



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