New care models and retention of Second Victims in health organizations

This project is part of a cooperation between the Swiss Universities in Health to establish a competence centre to counter workforce shortage among health professionals. Different sub-projects will develop basic knowledge and measures.

The sub-projects focus on the job profile transparency and interprofessional collaboration in new care models, as well as on the retention of Second Victims through optimization of the safety culture.

Personal characteristics, interprofessionalism and context factors (e.g. the safety culture) are of importance. These factors affect the psychosocial health and the performance of health care professionals. The subprojects’ results are intended to sharpen professional profiles and to ensure retention of health professionals in health organizations. 

These sub-projects are not financed by the SBFI, but instead through third-party funding. They are carried out in cooperation with internal and external partners from research and teaching, along with practice partners. This knowledge will support the development of models, instruments and interventions, as well as the implementation of them into educational institutions and practice settings.

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