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CNHW Association


The Association is a non-profit, highly accepted national pioneer, addressing questions of sustainability of the health professionals1 and informal caregivers, as well as new developments across all linguistic regions in the Swiss health system. Within the Association, the UAS collaborate to promote the consideration of health professionals’ and informal caregivers’ needs, to enhance the conditions under which these paid and unpaid activities take place. They also work to foster the sustainability of their respective contributions to the populations’ health and well-being. The Association supports a stable health system that is as independent as possible from foreign health professionals. It bundles competences in applied research, education and cooperates with stakeholders of all medical and health professions. Due to its strong connection with practice, it is dedicated to issues which intersect and affect all medical and health professions as well as informal caregivers, and which involve partners from other organizations and the general population. Moreover, the association remains dynamic and open for emerging topics arising from megatrends or research findings. This results in an ongoing-evaluation and adaptation of the association’s aims.



The association strives to become a leading organization in Switzerland regarding knowledge for the improvement of conditions for all health professionals and informal caregivers at the interface between research and practice, as well as between education and policy topics. All activities of the association are research-based, thus, this will benefit the health of the Swiss population and will contribute to the development of a sustainable health system. This will be accomplished through the establishment of the Association comprising of a consortium from all UAS within the health professions, as well as from high-performance national and international partners both from practice and from science. Through this association, research, knowledge transfer, further education and innovation promotion, will be optimally and synergistically bundled.

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