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Initial situation

Switzerland, like the majority of European countries, faces a significant shortage of health care professionals. Forecasts indicate an additional requirement of approx. 17,000 new positions (FTE) in order to cover additional demand up to the year 2020. The workforce shortage is particularly precarious in the care sector. But the physicians as well as the medical-technical-therapeutic professions are also affected.

The workforce shortage in the health care areas is also exerting pressure on the informal carers, who are already making an immense contribution to the accomplishment of Swiss health care.

The combination of an aging population, of which the health professionals are likewise affected and the growing number of chronically ill patients leads to increased demand for health services. The wish of those concerned to stay home for as long as possible requires an adjustment of the health offers. The increase of complex cases due to concurrent problems (comorbidities) as well as relocation to the outpatient setting also necessitates and adjustment of the health professionals’ competences.

Further information

Further information can be accessed in the project’s proposal.

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