Interdisciplinary furthering of core competences in preparedness for rapid change, complex settings and occupational stress factors

This project is part of a cooperation between the Swiss Universities in Health to establish a competence centre to counter workforce shortage among health professionals. Different sub-projects will develop basic knowledge and measures.

The site-project will consist of two projects. These projects will focus on the organisation of work (grade-mix: mixture of different levels of skilled staff), and stress factors in the workplace (working conditions, psychosocial stress). The working conditions, job satisfaction, intention to leave, and quality of care, all have a large influence on one other.

In order to significantly delay the skilled staff shortages, a deeper understanding regarding the work environments, the organisation of work and the organisation itself, is required. This will enable future improvement of the working conditions, job organisation, along with job satisfaction.

The projects will be conducted in collaboration with various departments within the BFH (e.g., technology, art, health care communication design and economics), and will also collaborate with experts from universities throughout Switzerland. Both projects will develop the four following information guidelines: analysis and generation of basic knowledge, development of interventions, implementation and evaluation, and development of educational programs.

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STRAIN - Work-related stress among health professionals in Switzerland

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EQUI - Grademix and Diversity in Equilibrium

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Bern University of Applied Sciences
Health Division
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Site-project manager

Prof. Dr. Karin Anne Peter
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