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CNHW: the next steps

Following four years of funding through project-related contributions, CNHW will now continue as an association under the umbrella of the Specialised Health Conference of Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences (CSS) and allow the positive experiences of the long-lasting cooperation, beyond language regions and universities, to continue to benefit the analysis of and measures against the shortage of skilled workers. As a direct result of this cooperation, the increased exchange between practice and research has led to initiatives that have been directly put into practice. With representatives from professional associations in the support group, the needs from practice could be picked up and ideas for further initiatives in the future developed jointly and inter-professionally.

Something we all hope is that CNHW will grow into a large and influential network that contributes to good working conditions for the health professions in the transformation process of the health system and thus will ultimately contribute to good healthcare for everyone, and that the research findings that the network has developed and is developing will have an effect on the frameworks and legislation relevant to healthcare, to the same extent that politics requires scientific bases for decision making.

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