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Presenteeism at Work

Occupational Health Management and Presenteeism among employees

Monday, 22nd April 2024

Presented by Dr. Christoph Golz (BFH)


When the unexpected is recurrent: The challenges of standardising work in long-term care

Tuesday, 13th February 2024


Presented by Prof. Dr. Nicolas Pons-Vignon (SUPSI) and Jason Schneck (SUPSI)

Pons-Vignon, N. & Schneck, J. (2024). Putting workers at the heart of the promotion of quality care (Research Report). DEASS-SUPSI. Available at:


How do we solve some questions facing our health professions in an innovative way?

A national survey on the size and structure of occupational therapy workforce in Switzerland

Wednesday, 15th November 2023

Presented by Prof. Dr. Brigitte Gantschnig (ZHAW) and Thomas Ballmer (ZHAW)

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